UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV is an abbreviation that stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It is mostly used as a military aircraft that you can guide using a remote control while some work autonomously. Some use both remote control and can be guided autonomously as well. UAVs have sensors, electronic transmitters offensive ordinance and target designators that make them effective for military combat.

UAVs do not have to carry any crew aboard them, and they are designed differently from human-crewed aircraft. This perhaps is the reason for their high efficiency, endurance, and long range when compared to equivalent human-crewed aircraft. UAVs are most commonly found in the form of drones, and the control of this aircraft is made possible through communication between a ground-based controller and the aircraft system. UAVs operate in two ways which are either autonomously by computers attached to the UAV by a human operator on the ground.

We can trace the origin of UAVs to the military where they were used for missions too dangerous, dirty or unsafe for humans. These days, their use has transcended from only the military. UAVs is now used in different sectors like commercial, agriculture, science, law enforcement, photography, surveillance and peacekeeping, item delivery and drone flight racing. The Use of UAVs by civilians now even outnumbers military use. As at 2015, over a million UAVs had been sold to private civilian users and this figure has risen over the years. Thus, the adoption of UAVs by civilians is signaled the commercial acceptance and application of autonomous devices. We expect that in the next few years, there will be a wide acceptance of autonomous cars and home robots.

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